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Welcome to the Fungus Nail Laser Centers. 


 We created the Nail Laser Centers specifically to deal with the treatment of an old problem with new and exciting technology.  We are podiatrists, foot specialists, and have been treating nail fungus for well over 25 years. In the past we have been as frustrated as you with the limited and unsuccessful treatment options available to deal with this difficult problem. Lasers are very new in treating nail fungus and we have been searching for well over a year to find the right laser. We believe we have now found the most sophisticated laser on the market with the power and versatility to offer our patients a new option in the treatment of nail fungus.

The Problem

Toenail fungus (onychomycosis) is an infection of the nail and skin beneath the nail that affects nearly 23 million people in the US-about 10% of all adults.  It is a difficult infection to treat. To date treatments included topical medications which don't work because it is nearly impossible for the medication to penetrate the nail in order for it to reach the infection. Oral medications are available, however they also have limited success (60-70%), must be taken for at least 3 months, and have the potential to cause serious side effects i.e. liver complications and drug interactions. Additionally oral medications only treat a limited number of the over 200 fungi that can cause this infection. The newest treatment available uses laser technology to actually kill the fungus at the source of the infection.

The Solution

There is no perfect treatment for nail fungus, however the latest studies using lasers have shown a success rate of 80-90%. Using one of the most advanced lasers available, near infrared laser light passes through the nail killing the fungus while leaving the nail and surrounding soft tissue unharmed.

Unlike oral medications, the Nail Laser has the unique ability to attack the more than 200 fungi that can be responsible for causing this infection.  The laser we are currently using in our laser centers gives us an advantage over other lasers in that we have the option to change numerous settings on the laser to provide you the best treatment outcome.  All our patients are evaluated and treated by licensed physicians. Unlike other single laser treatments, we offer a TWO treatment protocol spaced four months apart to achieve the best outcome.

If you want the newest solution to an old problem, choose the latest, most sophisticated treatment, choose the Nail Laser.